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Teaching Activities

Teaching Activities

At the University of Madeira I am currently teaching Analog and Digital Electronics and Artificial Neural Networks subjects.
In the Fall semester I am teaching Electronics II and Artificial Neural Networks and in the Spring Semester I teach Digital Systems.

In the past I have taught the following courses: Digital Systems, Digital Systems I, Digital Systems II, Digital Systems III, Microelectronics, Electronics, Electronics I, Electronics II, Electronics III, Advanced Electronics, Electricity I, Circuit theory, Electrical Measurements, Printed Circuit Board Design and Construction.

Student projects:
As a complement to my teaching activities I supervise student projects. Here is a list of recent projects I have supervised.

  • Madeira wine aging control in a pilot scale (graduate)
  • Energy modeling for islands (graduate)
  • Solar potential of the public buildings of the region of Madeira (graduate)
  • Simulator of energy consumption pollution emissions of a fleet of public transportation (graduate)
  • Study of the behaviour of solar panels in the region of Madeira (graduate)
  • Prediction of electrical energy production from wind (graduate)
  • Energy management of the Penteada building - Database and Interface (graduate)
  • Pedagogical applications for mobile terminals (graduate)
  • Energy management of the Penteada building - Telecommunications Infrastructure (graduate)
  • Electronic Platforms acinGov and iMED - A dematerializing approach (graduate)
  • Hardware implementation of Neural Networks with embedded FPGA Microprocessor (graduate)
  • Fault tolerance improvement in Neural Networks (graduate)
  • Hardware implementation of Neural Networks (graduate)
  • Robot Microrato
  • Automatic Synthesis of Functions from Matlab
  • SIM Cards Backup
  • Processing Waveforms of Altimetric Radars using Artificial Neural Networks
  • Portable reader of phonecards
  • Universal Solar battery charger
  • Monitoring system for an automobile
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